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Industry-leading development and construction

CGN New Energy has become the fifth enterprise in China with the capacity of wind power projects in operation reaching “10 MW”. The cost per kW is at the leading level in the country.

Excellent development capability: In 2018, CGN won the bid for the 760 MW in the third batch photovoltaic power generation application pacemaker projects, ranking No. 2 in China; the capacity of wind power business increases by 1,470 MW, ranking No. 2 in China; and the cumulative approved capacity of offshore wind power projects has become higher than 11,000 MW.

First-class construction capability: The third batch photovoltaic power generation application pacemaker projects under the aforesaid bid were approved, commenced and put into operation in the same year of bidding; Jiangsu Sihong Project was the first to realize the energized grid connection; Jinlin Baicheng Project was the first to realize the full capacity grid connection and power generation; and Inner Mongolia Dalad Banner Project was the first in the Dalad Banner Peacemaker Base to realize the grid connection and power generation.

Advanced management level: The vertical management mode of the Nuclear Engineering Division is adopted in the engineering management system, realizing the intensive, specialized and standardized management in the engineering construction field. In 2018, the cumulative installed capacity of the project newly put into operation of CGN New Energy became higher than 3,000 MW.

Overall excellence in production, operation and maintenance

CGN New Energy has established the unique informationalized, specialized and intensive production, operation and maintenance management model.



Offshore wind power projects for exploits the offshore wind power

Adhering to the nuclear power standards and “constructing the offshore wind power projects according to the nuclear power plant construction standards” are the natural “advantages” of CGN New Energy. High safety and quality standard requirements in turn influence the design and manufacture in the upstream, the construction in the midstream, and the power grid in the downstream. Offshore wind power will become another card for CGN to display its development achievements to the outside world.

Solar-thermal projects for solar power exploitation

CGN New Energy constructed and put into operation the first large-scale commercial solar-thermal demonstration power plant, based on which CGN New Energy constructed the national solar-thermal research and development center with the approval. This means that CGN has obtained the core capability of large-scale solar-thermal power station system integration, preliminarily obtained the capability of solar-thermal industry chain in China, and established the capability in solar-thermal industry technology and standard system.