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CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. (CGN New Energy) (formerly known as CGN Meiya Power Holdings Co., Ltd.) is a diversified independent power producer in terms of fuel type and geography,with a portfolio of wind,solar,gas-fired,coal-fired,oil-fired,hydro,cogen,fuel cell and biomass power generation projects in the PRC and Korea.

China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) acquired the entire share capital of our Company through its indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary, CGNPC Huamei Investment Limited, in November 2010 and became our Controlling Shareholder. CGN is a wholly state-owned company, established on September 29, 1994 under the laws of the PRC. Authorized by the State Council in accordance with the PRC Company Law and other administrative regulations, SASAC has investor’s rights and responsibilities in CGN.

CGN New Energy continues greenfield and brownfield developments while preferentially acquiring clean and renewable power generation projects to deliver solid returns and create value for its shareholders.