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CGN New Energy won three awards in the HKIRA 7th IR Awards 2021

On September 14, the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association (HKIRA) 7th Investor Relations Awards Conference was held. CGN New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. ("CGN New Energy", stock code: 1811) won the "Best IR Company" and the "Best Annual Report". Mr. Arthur Lee, Assistant President and Company Secretary of CGN New Energy, was awarded the "Best Investor Relations Officer (Best IRO)", and together with Mr Thomas Wong, Controller of CGN New Energy represented the Company at the HKIRA 7th IR Awards Conference and Presentation Luncheon.

In the past year, CGN New Energy has attached great importance to investor relations. Under the Company's strategic deployment, all employees were putting utmost efforts. The Company's transparency has been further improved and gained sufficient results in effectiveness of corporate governance. The three awards represent the Company’s steady development in investor relations has been highly recognized by the capital market in the past year.

The Hong Kong Investor Relations Awards has been held for the seventh consecutive year. The award is organized by HKIRA aiming to encourage, recognize and reward the excellence in investor relations practices by individuals and companies listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The award is widely recognized by the Hong Kong investment community for its professionalism, strictness and integrity. The selection process has gone through multiple stages including public nomination, online analyst voting, and professional judging panel meeting. The award is continuously gaining importance and recognition in the investment community.

CGN New Energy has been committed to establishing close ties with the capital market. Through results announcement presentations, reverse roadshows, corporate communications, investor relations section on website etc., the Company has established extensive, stable and effective communication channels with investors, continuously boosting the quality and frequency of information disclosure and maintaining a high standard of corporate governance. The Company continues to present the investment values of itself and the industry to the capital market and stakeholders to create long-term sustainable returns for investors.

In the future, CGN New Energy will further improve its input and make efforts in investor relations, actively enhancing effective communication with the public and shareholders, so as to contribute to shareholders and society with great results upon practical, robust and prudent governance concept.